CATS ride through Paradise Valley

March 21, 2015 by


Tom and Sherry Masters hosted a CATS ride through Paradise Valley in sunny warm Arizona earlier this month.
It was a very small turnout, but we had a great time. Sorry more of you couldn’t make it.


Holiday Lights Ride 12-13-14

January 5, 2015 by


Thank you, Ford and Lynn for leading a very fun, second annual Holiday Lights Ride Saturday evening 12-13-14. Members of the Chicago Area Tandem Society and the Arlington Heights Bicycle Club met at the front door of Runner’s High ‘n Tri on Campbell Street in Arlington Heights. Ford and Lynn and their inflatable snowman on his trailer led us on a few figure eight routes through downtown Arlington Heights. We received many appreciative shouts of “Merry Christmas” from pedestrians and happy honks from drivers. Ten tandems, three towing trailers with lighted displays and seven singles then crossed the UPNW Metra Tracks and rode to Recreation Park to pose for the group photo above. From there we rode east on a serpentine route past beautifully decorated homes in Arlington Heights and Mt.Prospect where we crossed the tracks and headed back west through more beautiful neighborhoods toward the parking garage. In case you are wondering, the blower which keeps the snowman inflated is powered by a gasoline powered generator located on a concealed lower shelf of Ford’s trailer. The elves, Brian and Susan have a powerful speaker which fits in a water bottle cage, so we were able to enjoy Christmas Carols as we rode. After the ride we all enjoyed hot chocolate, burgers, tater tots, and beverages at Eddie’s Restaurant & Lounge on Northwest Highway. Below is a link to the video Ford created using the video captured by Greg and stills snapped by the rest of us. Thank you to the photographers:  Ford, Grant, Greg, Kaitlyn from Runner’s High ‘n Tri, Kim, and Tom. Buy a bunch of battery powered lights on sale now at your local home improvement store and join us next Christmas Season.

Final Blind Stoker Ride of the Season 10-18-2014

October 18, 2014 by

SonnyAcres10182014Here is a photo taken today at Sonny Acres Fall Fest.
A few sprinkles and temps near fifty did not squelch our enthusiasm.
Sweet corn on the cob, corn dogs, cinnamon donuts, and chocolate covered graham crackers were just a few of the treats we enjoyed.  And Joseph rode “The Flying Swings.” Thank you Lori Miller of NEDSRA.  Ginny and I really enjoyed riding along.  And a special Thank You to Dr. John Loesch for 16 years of providing the fun of bicycling and fun destinations to the visually Impaired.
Tom and Ginny Preston

Blind Stoker Ride August 16, 2014

August 17, 2014 by

Thank you, Jerome Hughes for this pre-ride picture at Atten Park in Wheaton. Members of CATS and Elmhurst Bicycle Club and participants through SEASPAR rode tandems and singles through Fermi, past the buffalo, I counted 18, to the Panera Bread in Batavia. After lunch we all sang Happy Birthday to Dr. John Loesch. This is John’s 16th year of leading these outings for the visually impaired. Congratulations and Thank you, Dr. John Loesch!AttenPark081614

Holiday Lights Ride 12-14-13

December 26, 2013 by


Below is a link to all of the pictures we’ve been able to collect so far from the CATS Holiday Lights Ride on 12-14-13.
If you send us more pictures, we’ll add them to the set.

We want to thank Ford and Lynn for leading a very fun ride, for both the Chicago Area Tandem Society and the Arlington Heights Bicycle Club. In case you are wondering, the blower which keeps the snowman inflated on Ford’s trailer is powered by a gasoline powered generator located on a concealed shelf below the inflatable. Brian and Susan have a powerful speaker which fits in a water bottle cage, so we enjoyed Christmas Carols as we rode and enjoyed the holiday decorations on businesses and homes. We all enjoyed the shouts and honks of approval we were greeted with along the way.

Ford has sent a “thank you” email to the public works department for the great job they did plowing the streets of Arlington Heights absolutely free of the 3″ of snow which fell earlier in the day.

We all enjoyed hot chocolate and burgers at Eddie’s after the ride. We look forward to riding and “refreshmenting” with everyone in the coming year.
Tom and Ginny

Pumpkin Patch Ride and Chili Supper 10-27-2013

October 29, 2013 by

DSCN1244Enjoying hot cider and fresh donuts.

Thank you, Tom and Sherry for opening up your home so graciously.  Thank you to all who brought chili and desserts to enjoy after the ride. Thank you, Tom for easy to follow route sheets.  Thank you to the county for new, smooth pavement on Penny Road. Ginny and I always enjoy being with our CATS friends. Below is a link to the pictures we took.

Blind Stoker Ride October 19, 2013

October 20, 2013 by

We all enjoyed the last blind stoker ride of the season from Memorial Park in Wheaton to Sonny Acres in West Chicago. Thank you to Lori Miller of NEDSRA and members of the Elmhurst Bicycle Club and especially our stokers for a fun Autumn Saturday afternoon. John Loesch and I hope that you will join us next year for one or more of the 6 rides to someplace fun.

“Leaf Me Alone” Ride September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013 by



Thank you, Frank and Sheila for another great “Leaf Me Alone” Ride. We were blessed with cool northwest winds, fluffy clouds in a blue, blue sky, rolling hills, beautiful country estates, horses grazing, scenic river views, and brand new, smooth black top to and from a great breakfast at Reese’s Restaurant in Algonquin. (Click on a pic to view full size.)

Blind Stoker Ride May 18, 2013

May 21, 2013 by

5_18_2013Back at Eldridge Park after a great time at The Taste of Glen Ellyn. We had great weather and excellent conditions on the Illinois Prairie Path for smooth tandem rides to and from. Thank you to John Loesch, SEASPAR, and all the volunteer captains.

Hibachi Ride May 5, 2013

May 6, 2013 by


Thank you, Phil and Mary for another GREAT season opening ride!