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South Fox River Ride 6-11-16

June 22, 2016


Thank you, Bruce and Mary Jane for again hosting your ride along the shady Virgil Gilman and Fox River Trails. Thank you too, for wisely shortening the ride due to forecast high temperatures.  Everyone enjoyed the food and cold drinks at Tap House Grill in Oswego at the half way mark. Twenty miles round trip was a perfect distance to pedal and included crossing every type of bridge along the way. Towels for everyone was a great and welcomed idea before we enjoyed three different kinds of ice cream and fresh fruit and gooey toppings in your beautiful home.  Thank you, Doug and Lara for the rolling photo below taken during the outbound leg.

2016061101 (2)


Blind Stokers Ride Bike the Drive 5-29-2016

June 8, 2016

Our Blind Stoker season opened in grand style this year. Thanks to Dr. John Loesch of CATS and EBC, Lori Miller of NEDSRA Special Recreation Association, Bob Hoel of Active Transportation Alliance, and volunteer captains from Chicago Area Tandem Society and Elmhurst Bicycle Club, seven visually impaired riders were able to enjoy riding tandem bicycles on Lake Shore Drive participating in the 15th Annual MB Bike the Drive.

Thanks to Kim Messina of CATS and EBC, we have these pictures to share. The first was taken in the parking lot on State Street where all of the tandems,  all of the captains, two of the stokers, members of CATS, and members of EBC met before 6:00 AM.

Bike the Drive 2016 before (2)

After this picture was taken, we all rode together to meet the other five stokers at the designated spot near Buckingham Fountain to introduce captains and stokers and adjust each tandem for each stoker before riding beneath the balloons at the Entry Gate. The second photo was taken after the ride in cool, shady area near the Post Ride Festival Booths.

Bike the Drive 2016 after (2)

We were blessed with perfect bicycling weather. All agreed it was a fantastic experience.


Cal-Sag Bike Trail Ride 5-16-2016

May 19, 2016

DSCF2015 (2)

“The Cal-Sag Channel (short for “Calumet-Saganashkee Channel”) is a navigation Canal in southern Cook County, Illinois. It serves as a channel between the Little Calumet River and the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. It is 16 miles long and was dug over an 11-year period, from 1911 until 1922. The western 4.5 miles of the channel flow through the Palos Hills Forest Preserves, a large area of parkland operated by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.” (A copy and paste from Wikipedia.) Recently the FPDCC paved a trail along the channel between Route 83 on the west end and Cicero Avenue, Route 50 on the east end.

Thank you, Tim and Mary for organizing the ride along the Cal-Sag Trail and the post-ride get together at Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket, a very enjoyable afternoon in May. Above is my pre-ride photo of the group. Thank you, Kim for taking the photo below at our turn around point.

East End

Thank you Gary for taking the photos at Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket below.

Dell Rhea's 1 (2)

Dell Rhea's 2 (2)

Daffodil Ride 5-7-2016

May 9, 2016

DSCF2029 Thank you Bill and Karrie for providing a great route for 9 teams on Daffodil Ride 2016. As was true for last week’s ride, the wind was at our backs on the outbound leg, much of the route along sheltered bike paths  to the mid-ride rest stop at the Chicago Botanic Garden. 4 tandem teams chose to follow Bill and Karrie on the slightly longer return leg through Fort Sheridan and 4 tandem teams chose to use return to B & K’s home by reading the outbound cue sheet in reverse. The pre-ride photo is above. Though you probably cannot see it in the photo taken at Fort Sheridan below, Lake Michigan is in the background and there are daffodils just beyond the fence. We all enjoyed great margaritas, great Mexican food, a great place to share time and stories after the ride on a beautiful day. DSCF2040

Sincerely, Tom and Ginny

Hibachi Ride 5-1-2016

May 4, 2016

DSCF2027[1]Thank you, Phil and Mary Kohl for hosting the Chicago Area Tandem Society season opening Hibachi Ride on Sunday, May 1st. The rains held off until after the ride and the east north east wind off the lake made the outbound leg easy pedaling but a little tough riding back. Dinner at Aodake Sushi & Steak House was carried to an even more enjoyable experience by a surprise visit by Hank and Sandy, both looking great after all they have been through. Ice cream at Oberweis with news of Brian and Susan’s new-to-them condo concluded a very pleasant Sunday with CATS. Thank you, Ginny for the great group pre-ride photo.

Annual Meeting 04/09/2016

April 10, 2016

DSCN2387 DSCN2386Here are 2 pictures, left side and right side, of CATS members who attended the Annual Meeting April 9, 2016.       Sorry I did not get everyone in one shot.
Thank you, Karen and Jim for opening your home for this great group.
Sandy Gentry, you would be proud of the way Hank ran the meeting. Happy to hear that you are coming home.
We look forward to riding with all of you soon.

More Sightings of Sock Monkey

August 31, 2015

sock monkey heads of MTR meetingsock monkey painting arrows

Past President of CATS, Karen Click saw the story below and was reminded that she too had captured a snap shot of Sock Monkey at a Heads of MTR Meeting last week and requested that we share her pic with you here. Karen said, “Sock Monkey was quite motivational.”
Then on Sunday, Rich Arehart was painting arrows on roads and Sock Monkey appeared and asked to try his hand with the spray can. Turns out, Sock Monkey was really good at it and very enthusiastic, so Rich let him paint several.
Will Sock Monkey be seen again before the week-end? Will his enthusiasm spread?  Will Sock Monkey be seen during the week-end?

Sock Monkey at the MTR 2015 Stuffing Party!

August 30, 2015

sock monkey stuffing partyThe Registration Wizard and his Pie Queen had everything prepared: giant envelopes, labels with team names and items ordered, program books, route sheets & maps, plastic name badges & magnets, painted aluminum license plates & zip ties, MTR 2015 t-shirts & jerseys, and goodies. Sock Monkey was there to cheer us on. 293 giant envelopes are now stuffed and packed in Chiquita Banana boxes and ready to haul to Rockford in the Wizard’s minivan. Happy work completed, we all enjoyed home made delicious pie. Thank you, Dave and Charlotte Dockstader!

Hibachi Ride Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 10, 2015


We had nine tandems and eighteen happy CATS enjoy another season opener Hibachi Ride on Sunday, May 3, 2015. Thank you, Phil and Mary Kohl for hosting again and providing cue sheets and making the dinner reservation. We enjoyed a breeze out of the east on the way out making it easy for all nine tandems to stay together heading west for the first half of the ride through Darien, Westmont, Downers Grove, and Woodridge. Six teams chose to ride the Falconridge Loop and included Bolingbrook in their list of cities or towns traveled. The weather was great. So were the food, beverages, and fun at Aodake Japanese Sushi and Steak House on 75th Street in Darien.  We all completed the afternoon with ice cream and more conversation at the Oberweis Dairy on Ogden Avenue in Downers Grove.

Wheeling Wheelmen St. Patrick’s Day Ride 2015

March 24, 2015


There were 5 Chicago Area Tandem Society teams among the 184 riders at this year’s Wheeling Wheelmen St. Patrick’s Day Ride: John and Kim, Tom and Ginny, Grant and Susan, Brian and Sue, on tandems and Gary and Sue, on their singles. I forgot to pack my stocking cap so I had a scarf over my head and ears. John and Kim did a great job of leading our group of Elmhurst Bicycle Club riders. We started at 8 AM. Grant and Susan and Brian and Sue started at 9 AM. During one leg into the cold wind off the lake Ginny said, “This is the LAST time I ever do one of these rides.”  But later, she said that she was glad she went because she had so much fun with so many warm hearted riders. Many of us enjoyed food, drinks, and fun at Middelton’s on Main after the ride.

Below is a link to the slide show put together by the Wheeling Wheelmen photographer.