Blind Stokers Ride Bike the Drive 5-29-2016


Our Blind Stoker season opened in grand style this year. Thanks to Dr. John Loesch of CATS and EBC, Lori Miller of NEDSRA Special Recreation Association, Bob Hoel of Active Transportation Alliance, and volunteer captains from Chicago Area Tandem Society and Elmhurst Bicycle Club, seven visually impaired riders were able to enjoy riding tandem bicycles on Lake Shore Drive participating in the 15th Annual MB Bike the Drive.

Thanks to Kim Messina of CATS and EBC, we have these pictures to share. The first was taken in the parking lot on State Street where all of the tandems,  all of the captains, two of the stokers, members of CATS, and members of EBC met before 6:00 AM.

Bike the Drive 2016 before (2)

After this picture was taken, we all rode together to meet the other five stokers at the designated spot near Buckingham Fountain to introduce captains and stokers and adjust each tandem for each stoker before riding beneath the balloons at the Entry Gate. The second photo was taken after the ride in cool, shady area near the Post Ride Festival Booths.

Bike the Drive 2016 after (2)

We were blessed with perfect bicycling weather. All agreed it was a fantastic experience.



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