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Wheeling Wheelmen St. Patrick’s Day Ride 2015

March 24, 2015


There were 5 Chicago Area Tandem Society teams among the 184 riders at this year’s Wheeling Wheelmen St. Patrick’s Day Ride: John and Kim, Tom and Ginny, Grant and Susan, Brian and Sue, on tandems and Gary and Sue, on their singles. I forgot to pack my stocking cap so I had a scarf over my head and ears. John and Kim did a great job of leading our group of Elmhurst Bicycle Club riders. We started at 8 AM. Grant and Susan and Brian and Sue started at 9 AM. During one leg into the cold wind off the lake Ginny said, “This is the LAST time I ever do one of these rides.”  But later, she said that she was glad she went because she had so much fun with so many warm hearted riders. Many of us enjoyed food, drinks, and fun at Middelton’s on Main after the ride.

Below is a link to the slide show put together by the Wheeling Wheelmen photographer.


CATS ride through Paradise Valley

March 21, 2015


Tom and Sherry Masters hosted a CATS ride through Paradise Valley in sunny warm Arizona earlier this month.
It was a very small turnout, but we had a great time. Sorry more of you couldn’t make it.