Holiday Lights Ride 12-13-14



Thank you, Ford and Lynn for leading a very fun, second annual Holiday Lights Ride Saturday evening 12-13-14. Members of the Chicago Area Tandem Society and the Arlington Heights Bicycle Club met at the front door of Runner’s High ‘n Tri on Campbell Street in Arlington Heights. Ford and Lynn and their inflatable snowman on his trailer led us on a few figure eight routes through downtown Arlington Heights. We received many appreciative shouts of “Merry Christmas” from pedestrians and happy honks from drivers. Ten tandems, three towing trailers with lighted displays and seven singles then crossed the UPNW Metra Tracks and rode to Recreation Park to pose for the group photo above. From there we rode east on a serpentine route past beautifully decorated homes in Arlington Heights and Mt.Prospect where we crossed the tracks and headed back west through more beautiful neighborhoods toward the parking garage. In case you are wondering, the blower which keeps the snowman inflated is powered by a gasoline powered generator located on a concealed lower shelf of Ford’s trailer. The elves, Brian and Susan have a powerful speaker which fits in a water bottle cage, so we were able to enjoy Christmas Carols as we rode. After the ride we all enjoyed hot chocolate, burgers, tater tots, and beverages at Eddie’s Restaurant & Lounge on Northwest Highway. Below is a link to the video Ford created using the video captured by Greg and stills snapped by the rest of us. Thank you to the photographers:  Ford, Grant, Greg, Kaitlyn from Runner’s High ‘n Tri, Kim, and Tom. Buy a bunch of battery powered lights on sale now at your local home improvement store and join us next Christmas Season.


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