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Pictures MTR 2011

September 6, 2011

Ginny and I always enjoy being with our CATS friends. Below is a link to the pictures. Thank you Maggie for volunteering to take one of us.


‎100,000 Mile Journey Ends in Hell with Screams for Ice Cream!!

September 5, 2011

Sunday Sept 4. 2011

Today at exactly
11:29 a.m. Michigan time (10:29 Chicago time), our bicycle odometer rolled over
the 28 mile mark for today’s ride, and at that mile mark, Tom Masters had
achieved biking 100,000 miles on a bicycle in his lifetime. Actually, it is more
than that, but he didn’t start keeping a record until 1977, and he’d biked for
several years prior to keeping track. We were in (of all places) the little town
of Hell, Michigan, biking with 360 other tandem teams from all over the country
at the Midwest Tandem Rally. We had just stopped at a wonderful ice cream shop
in Hell called Screams, so it was a delightful place for a photo op and to
celebrate the accomplishment. As I took Tom’s photograph under the sign, one of
our CATS friends made a “grand announcement” to all the crowd standing around
eating their ice cream that “the gentleman getting his photo taken had just
finished riding his 100,000th mile on a bike”. The whole crowd applauded, even a
little kid. It was really fun having so many of our CATS family there to
recognize and appreciate his big event, and it has been wonderful to have so
many of you sharing the road with Tom on his journey to this