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Long Grove Ride Update

June 17, 2011
Hi All
It’s Chicagoland!  We all know the weather will be great! Or Lousy. Depending on the weather service you want to believe, the rain (and possible thunderstorms) will be over by the early morning or won’t start until the evening. Or it might just be cloudy. My totally unqualified look at the current radar leads me to be optimistic that we can ride tomorrow.
However, I’m not a fan of riding in the rain – certainly not in a thunderstorm. So our plan is to be at the start as planned at 9 AM regardless of the conditions. We may start a little late if it looks like conditions will improve by mid-morning. Realistically, we probably won’t have a better feel for conditions until the morning. If the afternoon looks good for riding, we may decide to have lunch and then ride (we’ll still be at the start at 9 AM). If that seems to be the best option, you’re all invited back to our place (891 Indian Spring Lane, Buffalo Grove) for coffee and conversation (1.5 miles from the start).
Hope to see you tomorrow.
Carole and Barry
847-814-7282 (cell)

Wine Country Ride Pictures

June 11, 2011

Here is a link to pictures taken by Marge Spears from the 2011 Wine Country Ride