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2011 Proposed Budget & Comparison w/Prior Actual & Budget

January 8, 2011

  2010   2011
  Budget Actual   Proposed Budget
Membership dues  $   700.00  $      654.00    $      660
Jersey Sales  $   200.00  $      225.00    $      200
Jersey Purchase Advance – MTR        
MTR Account Close Out        
Misc  $   100.00      
     Total  $1,000.00  $      879.00    $      860
Postage  $     50.00      $       30
CATS Tales Printing  $     50.00      
American Specialty Ins.  $   200.00  $      178.80    $      175
Annual Meeting  $   300.00  $      388.47    $      350
Jersey Purchases        
LAB, LIB & CBF Dues  $   275.00  $      265.00    $      275
MTR 2010 Advance (Seed Money)        
MTR Suite for Hospitality  $   300.00  $      168.00    $      200
New Tandem Purchase Promo        
Web Site Domain    $        12.95    $       20
Misc. (State Filing fee)  $     50.00  $        10.00    $       20
Total  $1,225.00  $   1,023.22    $   1,070
Net Gain or (Loss)  $  (225.00)  $     (144.22)    $     (210)

Statement of Income & Expense with Budget Comparison- Calendar Year 2010

January 8, 2011
           Actual             Budget
Membership dues  $       654.00    $        700.00
Jersey Sales  $       225.00    $        200.00
Misc Income  $    $        100.00
     Total  $       879.00    $     1,000.00
Postage      $         50.00
CATS Tales Printing      $         50.00
American Specialty Ins.  $       178.80    $        200.00
Annual Meeting  $       388.47    $        300.00
LAB, LIB & CBF Dues  $       265.00    $        275.00
MTR 2010 Advance (Seed Money)      
MTR Suite for Hospitality  $       168.00    $        300.00
New Tandem Purchase Promo      
Web Site Domain  $         12.95    
Misc. (State Filing fee)  $         10.00    $         50.00
Total  $    1,023.22    $     1,225.00
Net Gain or (Loss)  $      (144.22)    $       (225.00)


January 7, 2011

2011 Dues

CATS 2011 dues are due!  Dues are one of those necessary things that allow us to meet our club expenses which include club insurance, refreshments and/or partial subsidy of food at the general membership meeting, hospitality suite at MTR and other special subsidies that are approved at the annual meeting.

Dues Data:

1.     Complete the membership application form which is available from the CATS website

2.     Cost is $12.00 per team per year

3.     Dues must be received by April 15, 2011 for your name to appear in the 2011 roster

4.     Families with more than one team at the same mailing address can register the second team for only $3.00

5.     Teams that joined at or after MTR 2010 are considered paid up for the 2011 year

6.     Make check payable to Chicago Area Tandem Society or C.A.T.S.

7.     Mail check to:      Chicago Area Tandem Society

302 East Willow Road

Barrington, IL  60010

To see a list who has paid and if you are on the list, on the upper right hand side of this page under Pages, click on 2011 Dues.

Midwest Tandem Rally Hotels

January 6, 2011

The Midwest Tandem Rally will this year be in Ann Arbor, MI.

Information can be found on their website at

As of this posting they are still not accepting registrations, but the site says to check in early 2011.

The Host Hotel this year is the Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn (Host Hotel) $115 / night

3600 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105


The Host Hotel does not have a party suite in the size that the CATS are becoming accustomed. Once again the Olsen’s and Waterstreet’s  have secured a party suite for CATS down the street at the Hawthorn Suites.

If you would like to make a reservation in the same hotel as the CATS party, call the

Hawthorn Suites: $98-$130 / night,  inc. breakfast

3535 Green Court, Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Be sure to mention that you are with the Midwest Tandem Rally when making your reservations.  The Hotels are all booked that weekend for the football games, so there are probably no rooms to be had if they are not in the MTR block.

Heads Up

January 6, 2011

HEADS UP!!!!! IT’S 2011!!!!

Hopefully another fun year of riding with CATS & making deeper long lasting friendships. I know that every year some of you just can’t wait to find out what’s going on so I thought I would just post this little thing so that you can start planning your year. So here it goes.

First of all, I’m sure you ALL have noted Carl Prose has posted info on WHO (most of us) owe their 2011 dues. Some of you wait until the annual meeting BUT some of the others of us like to get it out of the way. NOW is the time to take care of it.

OK, so you want to wait for the annual meeting!!! Well our gracious hosts, Jim & Karen Click are once again going to be doing the honors. What would I do without them????? So get out your calendars & here is the first notice of the date!!

Annual Meeting April 9, 2011 Arrival time 2:00 PM Meeting time 2:15 PM

YES, you will all get more notices later in the year, be told what to bring, etc. but now there will be no excuse for YOU to set your date in mind for that ride you want to lead.

Thirdly, please take note of the article regarding the week long ride to Bayfield WI. Right now we have about 8 or 9 teams who have indicated interest plus about 5 more that are still trying to fit schedules around it. Could be one of our biggest groups yet. Those dates are July 16 through July 23, 2011.
If you have friends or relatives that live in WI & they are close to any of these towns, Park Falls, Ladysmith, Hayward, Iron River, Bayfield, & Odinah, could you ask them if they would share their knowledge of some local roads. I don’t expect them to drive out & check, just if I could send them the names of some roads & if they know about them discuss it with me. After you check with them & they say yes, tell them that will send them an email with the info. OF COURSE you have to send me their email address first.

Finally, be sure to check out the 2010 Annual meeting minutes that are published, We will be voting to accept them at the 2011 meeting. Also be sure to check out in the coming weeks the proposed budget for 2011, and the financial statement for 2011. Carl Prose will probably post those items in the next couple of weeks.

2010 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2011

CATS Annual Meeting
April 10, 2010

The Meeting was called to order at 2:30 PM with 53 members in attendance.

Item #1 Introduction of all members present was done with a welcome to all & especially to the new members in attendance.

Item #2 A question came up about dues, cost is still $12.00 a team a year, checks were being accepted today.

Item #3 Minutes from 2009 annual meeting were moved & seconded to be accepted at published. Motion Passed

Item #4 Questions regarding the 2009 financial statements were then answered with the most questions revolving around the final portion of the funds coming in from MTR 2008. With those questions answered, a motion was made & seconded to accept the financial statements as read. Motion Passed To a question raised, the treasurer reported that our current balance was $6,289.00

Item #5 The 2010 proposed budget was then discussed with points being made that the insurance was already paid, was less then budgeted because of fewer members. For insurance reasons the Ride Waiver is on the website for download if you are leading a ride. With no other question, a motion was made & seconded to accept the proposed budget as published. Motion Passed

Item #6 Membership was then discussed in the LIB, LAB & ATA (formerly CBF) It was reported that dues for LAB were $65.00 a year & is the source of our insurance, that we paid dues to LIB of $100.00 because of what they do in IL & because it was passed to do so in a prior year. Nothing was paid to ATA in 2009. After discussion it was moved & seconded to include ATA in our budget for 2010 at $100.00 as well.

Item #7 Prairie State Rally – there will be no rally in 2010 because no volunteer(s) stepped forward to chair the event.

Item #8 Tandem Club of America – Rep Dick & Jackie Homan spoke of the value of the TCA with emphasis on the annual directory, Hospitality homes & the national ride schedule. Also mentioned that an membership application was available at the meeting.

Item #9 Blind Stoker Rides – John Loesch introduced Lori Miller from NESDRA & the two of them explained the rides. John mentioned that it was the 12th or 13th year that CATS via John has held Blind Stoker Rides. John stated that there was no reason that anyone couldn’t assist in the rides because he had loaner tandems to fit just about anyone, rides meet at 9:30 AM on ride days, with the rides themselves starting at 10:00 AM, go approximately 15 to 30 miles in DuPage county. He also had a printed schedule of the 2010 ride on hand.

Item #10 Website/CATS TALES Needed to develop a new method of editing/publishing when Eric Vann needed to bow out at end of his one year commitment. Sam Waterstreet took it over with the intent to revise the Blog format only. He doesn’t want to be a newsletter editor so unless someone steps forward that position will not exist & Sam W. will revise the website for all of us to use with the hope that he can keep it simple.

Item #11 Old Business Report on the brochures agreed to at last years meeting that were to be put in bike shops that sold tandems & with one of them given away to each new buyer of a tandem. Brochures had a membership application on it that the buyer could then send in for a FREE membership. As of the date of this meeting, only 1 such form had come through. Barry said we still have form to distribute & to see him after the meeting if you want some.

Item #12 New Business Future MTR – Sam W brought up the subject of do we even want to do another MTR. Years that seem to be available are 2013 to 2015, need a motel/hotel as a host hotel, close to good roads & routes. One option he mentioned was the Ottawa area & also that maybe we should use multiple motel/hotels in the same area. Anyone with ideas for an area should contact Sam for further discussion. (Noted that the crowds each year seem to be gettingsmaller)
Mary Kohl said that she will place an order for T-shirts (black with the pink logo) when she has committed order for 10 or more. Cost is $12.00 a shirt.
It was also pointed out here that the jerseys on display could be purchased at cost of $25.00 each.
And finally both of the Clicks were in the room at the same time, so a huge THANK YOU went out to Jim & Karen for once again hosting the CATS.

Item #13 With no other business, the ride schedule was then planned and is published elsewhere on the website. After completion of the ride schedule, a motion was made, seconded & passed to adjourn & go eat pizza!!!!!!