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Road to Ribs

July 26, 2010

Road to Ribs
When Sherry & I left that morning from home, our GPS didn’t seem to know how we should go but eventually got us on track & we even arrived early at Phil & Mary Kohls home in plenty of time to greet the other teams & unload the bike. As it turned out, the group was delayed a few minutes because Den & Maggie Olsens GPS got them into some sort of emergency road blockage on their way down & the detour took them a few seconds longer.
Shortly after their arrival, & some last minute directions from Mary & Phil, which included a note about the bike path we were taking being closed as well about half way down its length on the proposed 32 mile route we had planned to take. But their alternate route didn’t sound so bad so off we went. There were I think a total of nine & ½ teams as John Loesh had ridden in to join us.
The day was warm but the majority of the route out seemed to be shaded & to our surprise had a lot of downhill in it. It was fun for us since we don’t ride in this area hardly ever and so everything was new to us. We kept up pretty much with the slower group while the fast riders were soon out of sight except where after a left town they all sprinted to catch a light over a major highway. We don’t sprint quite as fast so got caught by the light along with the Gentrys. After what seemed forever, the light finally changed & after a turn or two, we found the rest of the group had waited for us. It was one of the two times that the group backed off & waited for us during the ride that day & that was fun to ride with them. Thanks guys!!!!!
I began to assume that the route we were taking to the bike path was a pretty popular one as we kept passing many riders going the opposite way, they mostly uphill while we went down until we finally made a couple of right turns, then a U turn because we missed the left turn & across an old bridge & onto the bike path. What a nice path, shady, tree lined & except for right at the start where it was busy with bikers, not overly crowded. We had slowed for the bridge more so then the rest of our group & so they were now slowly pulling away from us. We had been told that that the trail had only two exits, one half way & one at the end, so when we hit the first chance for an exit we had doubts on what to do. BUT the milage wasn’t right so we took the left fork & kept going, only now we had the extra fun of asking all the single riders coming toward us if they had seen any tandems. They assured us that they had, so relieved that we had made the proper route choice, we again just enjoyed riding the trail. It eventually dumped us out onto a road & there was the group waiting for us, the second time that they did so.
Together now we rode on, made some group decisions on where to turn & finally catching up with the Gentrys again, who were stopped again at a major road, one we were supposed to cross over to the right side of & then within quarter mile, make a left turn. It was decided that we would wait for a break in traffic & then ride the shoulder on the left side, (pretty broke up & full of gravel) the wrong way & make the turn that way. THAT worked perfectly & now we were off on Bluff Road which was where the HILLS began. Mary had warned us about these but they were nothing compared to what we had thought, we only used granny on one of them, (not bad for old folks on a recumbent). After some ups & downs, we eventually ended up riding through an industrial park & then into a shopping complex, where we found “Daves” The fast & longer route riders were all ready there & seated in the back room that Mary & Phil had arranged for us.
“Daves” was great!!! Service was first class & the food delicious!!! Highly recommend it for bar-b-q if you are ever near one. That plus the usual banter & chatter that always seems to evolve when CATS are together made for an enjoyable lunch stop.
Soon we were back on the bikes for the 5 to 7 mile ride back to Phil & Mary’s place. We were on another bike path for awhile but it crossed a major street & the exit & entrance at that street were to much in the way of turns so we abandoned the path & used the street which was plenty wide. Again we were riding through a lot of sub divisions, nice home, pretty yards & in general just a relaxing ride.
Finally we were back, leisurely loaded the bikes, talked some more to the Mckoys, & shortly the long riders were also back. Mary opened their home for needed rest stops, brought out some chocolate chip cookies which had been made specifically for this event by Ginny Preston. Boy were they good!!!!! Ginny I think we just might make them the official cookie of CATS, which means you’ll have to bring them on every ride. (OK, then just the ones that I’m on!!!!)
Then before people began to leave & while we were eating COOKIES, Phil offered to give rides in his 1927 Studebaker touring car. So some of us continued to eat & talk, while others took the ride & upon their return we then swapped places. Phil has that engine purring, BUT the tranny sounds a little rough, & he still has work to do on the roof BUT we didn’t care, it was a fun ride anyway. I’m not sure any of us would trade our tandem for it however.
All in all, it was a great day! As a new ride on our ride calendar, it’s a keeper. Here’s hoping that Phil & Mary host it again next year, maybe we can ride the path all the way to it’s end, I know that means we’ll miss the hills but who cares. Thanks Phil & Mary for a great day of riding.