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Thumb Canceled

May 12, 2010

Thumb turns into a Door!!!!

The Tom Thumb week long ride is CANCELED!!!! With only three teams signed up to go it just didn’t seem like the logistics of making it work would be worth it, maybe we’ll try it some other year.
But the three teams, Cohens, Fetzers, & Masters are still planning on doing some form of ride during that week, July 18 to to July 24, 2010. The consensus among the 3 couples is that instead we will do our riding in Door County, WI. All three teams have spent some time up there either biking or cross country skiing & we all like the area, so why not!!!!
A lot of the details are still in the planning stage but this is YOUR invitation to join us during that week. What we do know at this time is that it will be a motel or house based tour with the daily rides being out & backs with the daily milage being somewhere between the 40 to 50 mile range. We may shorten the time as well, maybe going into the area on Sunday, July 18, biking on Monday through Friday, & leaving for home either Friday after the ride or on Saturday. The thinking here is that we will thus avoid the heavier weekend traffic & have the roads more to ourselves.
Early planing has us maybe starting in Sturgeon Bay with a loop south one day & a loop to the north on another day, then transferring to the upper top of the peninsula for the last 3 days of riding. One suggestion we are also considering is to rent a house somewhere for the time & then driving to the start of the rides each day. That of course would depend on where the house was, how much it cost split 3 ways, etc. The plus here is that it would be more social, we could have our breakfast in house, even pack lunches, etc. The big negative is having to use the cars more to reach the rides.
We also may not be able to rent the house for only the days mentioned above, many of these types of rentals are from Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday only. Of course we are also considering because it’s only 3 couples at this time, the possible use of a B & B which could give us the best of both worlds.
As I mentioned, that is about as far at this time as the planning has gone. I’ve run a couple of tentative routes out of Sturgeon Bay as a start & will be looking at the norther part of the peninsula shortly for routes as well. We might even consider doing the ferry over to Washington Island & ride there.
ANYONE else interested???? IF so call Tom at 847-358-7797 or 312-816-1720 or yes you can email me at
IF you call or email right away you can even be a part of the continuing planning on what we actually do during that week. Please don’t wait to long however as we will be making some decisions pretty quickly & then reservations as well because I’m sure that Door County will be busy that time of year.