2017 Dues

2017 Dues

2017 dues are due!  Dues are one of those necessary things that allow us to meet our club expenses which include club insurance, refreshments and/or partial subsidy of food at the general membership meeting, hospitality suite at MTR and other special subsidies that are approved at the annual meeting.

Dues Data:

1.     Complete the membership application form which is available from the CATS website http://chicagotandems.home.mchsi.com/join.htm

2.     Cost is $12.00 per team per year

3.     Dues must be received by April 15, 2017 for your name to appear in the 2017 roster

4.     Families with more than one team at the same mailing address can register the second team for only $3.00

5.     Teams that joined at or after MTR 2016 are considered paid up for the 2017 year

6.     Make check payable to Chicago Area Tandem Society or C.A.T.S.

7.     Mail check to:      Chicago Area Tandem Society

680 Blackberry Ridge Dr.

Aurora, IL 60506


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